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Fortify your team

Turn your team into a human firewall

Our cybersecurity training and assessment services are the perfect complement to the products we offer. We can help identify the gaps in your cybersecurity armour, and recommend products or solutions to address those gaps.


Data breaches are often caused by human error, primarily due to lack of training and cybersecurity awareness.

Failure to provide appropriate training for their employees means a business is vulnerable to attack, risking their reputation, the trust of their customers and their bottom line.

Employees are your front line in managing your response to cybersecurity threats, and our tailored assessment and training services can help to ensure that they are part of an effective security response, a human firewall, rather than creating vulnerabilities for your business.

Cybersecurity assessment

At EnterpriseRed, we believe cybersecurity is more than just a technological solution.

It’s about risk management – and that means understanding the information you have and needs protecting, identifying threats to that information and the consequences of an attack on your business operations and reputation. We would then recommend solutions to enable you to strengthen your defences against the increasing volume and severity of cybercrime, both in terms of products and, potentially, employee training.

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