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Find your weaknesses

Find (and fix) your vulnerabilities before an attacker does

Penetration testing (pen testing) is an effective way to assess the security of your network and systems. It is a controlled form of hacking where experienced testers can emulate the actions of attackers. Systems are put through their paces to assess vulnerability by identifying weaknesses in hardware or software, system configuration or other operational issues.

An organisation that conducts regular penetration tests stands a greater chance of blocking cyber attacks as they’re far more aware of their potential vulnerabilities. It also means that resources, both financial and personnel, can be focused on those areas requiring most attention, maximising the value of your IT spend.

Programmer pressing a key on a keyboard, implies penetration testing which is used to locate network security vulnerabilities

Penetration testing services

EnterpriseRed offers a range of pen testing and security review services to help you identify vulnerabilities in your network and systems before the bad guys do. We will help you fix them to improve your defences, whether in the core network or associated devices .

A key component in ensuring that your data remains secure.

  • Penetration testing for infrastructure, web applications, mobile applications and wireless networks
  • Infrastructure vulnerability assessment
  • Configuration security review
  • Architecture security review
  • Phishing attack simulation
  • Source code security review

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