Cybersecurity is an important issue for businesses of all sizes. But the topic can often be awash with cyber speak, acronyms and techno talk, which can bamboozle those who aren’t technology experts.

To help businesses get to grips with cyber security issues and understand better their risks, as well as the solutions EnterpriseRed has to offer to provide protection and peace of mind, we have launched “The EnterpriseRed Guide to…” series. Our aim is to explain common cyber security topics in a simple, easy-to-read way, using plain English that anyone can understand.

We are open to suggestions for future editions. If you have a cybersecurity topic you’d like to have us de-mystify email us at and we’ll be happy to develop a Guide for it!

Enterprise Guide to Malware (31 downloads)

Enterprise Guide To EFSS (52 downloads)

Enterprise Guide to IOT (17 downloads)

DDoS AttacksNovember 2016 (42 downloads)