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Protect against Malware

What is Malware?

The word “malware” is a combination of the words “malicious software” and describes any software used by cyber criminals to gain access to, and disrupt or disable, the computer or mobile systems of individuals, businesses or other organisations. You may be more familiar with the term “computer virus”.

Next generation email & website malware protection

As technology evolves to offer more protection against malware, cyber criminals have started to focus on the human element as a route to gain access to an organisation’s systems and networks. Your employees are an important first line of defence against a cyber-attack. Unfortunately they can also be your weakest link.

Protecting your business from malware, including phishing and ransomware and other internet threats is critical, especially as attacks grow in volume and sophistication. Stopping the social engineering attack before it reaches your employees will significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack.

We recommend a number of anti-malware solutions:

Cyren logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing email & website malware protection as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Cyren’s Malware Attack Detection solution provides a complementary layer to conventional Antivirus technology, delivering added protection in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks and continuing as each new variant emerges, analysing billions of globally collected emails every day to detect malware outbreaks.

Crowdstrike logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Crowdstrike products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Crowdstrike’s Falcon Prevent provides a new generation of prevention features, capable of defeating new tools and techniques used by attackers and filling the gap left by legacy antivirus solutions that primarily focus on malware. Falcon Prevent protects you against all threat vectors, not just malware, even when endpoints aren’t connected to the internet. With near-zero impact on the endpoint right from initial installation through ongoing day-to-day use, Falcon Protect is an ideal replacement for your traditional anti-virus solution.

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