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Trusted Knight


Advanced security, seamless protection

Trusted Knight is a data security company dedicated to sophisticated solutions for today’s crimeware challenges.

Trusted Knight logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Trusted Knight DoS/DDoS protection as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Conventional security products have failed to keep pace with the ever-evolving threats, and have fallen short on the promise of speedy implementation and ease-of-use and maintenance. Data security is often considered the culprit in slowing down business without solving the problem.

With modernization in mind, Trusted Knight delivers security products that can be deployed instantly, improve the performance of networks and applications and protect against new attack vectors.

Full transaction stack protection for your business

Protector Air is transparent to customers and seamless to implement. Keep your users secure, while delivering an improved user experience.

Protector Air wraps web pages with invisible protection that detects and blocks threats on the user side. This protection defeats malware that tries to steal user data, manipulate web sessions, and modify sensitive transactions.

Spend less time worrying about threats, and more time focused on your core business. Reduce management costs and overhead with a unified, fully managed solution that can be deployed throughout your enterprise immediately.

The only unified security solution that prevents cyber-attacks and fraud in every digital interaction, regardless of what platform your customers are using to connect.

Web security and DDoS protection

Trusted Knight’s Cloud-DMZ provides enterprise-grade web application security and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection by actively scanning the application, understanding its functionality and serving a secure, cloud-based replica. In 2016, Trusted Knight announced the acceptance of their Cloud-DMZ web application security technology into the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

Cloud-DMZ eliminates website and application vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion and the OWASP Top-10. It prevents attackers from gaining unauthorised access to web systems, compromising sensitive data and defacing websites while minimizing the organisation’s dependency on secure development and third party patches.

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