CyberInc ISLA

The web browser – the most strategically important application in today’s internet powered enterprise – has become the Number 1 area for cyber attacks.

Given the scale of technology advancements and sophistication of cyber attacks, the only way to eliminate all browser-borne malware from the enterprise is to shift the focus from malware isolation by preventing all rendered web content (and all web malware) from entering the corporate network.

ISLA is the first enterprise-class security solution that effectively isolates and eliminates all browser-borne malware from penetrating corporate networks and infecting endpoint devices. The innovative AirGap isolation technology within ISLA ensures secure, isolated web sessions for each user by treating all web content as a potential threat and stopping it from gaining access to endpoint devices or entering your enterprise network.from entering the enterprise network.

ISLA is an advanced web malware isolation system that prevents all untrusted webcode, including known and unknown web malware, from entering the corporate network, whilst delivering a familiar end user experience. It can replace your existing browser or isolate and secure individual tabs in your current browser.

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