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With any cyberattack, bewildering amounts of data are produced and collected- Anomali’s ThreatStream automates all of this, and then streamlines the analysis and integration process to give security analysts the necessary intelligence to respond efficiently to ongoing threats. Visit Anomali’s website for more information

Attivo Networks logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Attivo Networks products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Attivo Networks’ ThreatDefend Platform Deception and Response Platform that mimics your network, providing a “hall of mirrors” that misdirects external attackers that make it through your firewall, or internal disgruntled employees, and analyses and responds to the threats. Visit Attivo Networks’ website for more information

Blackberry authorised reseller logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing blackberry products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

BlackBerry’s software provides a secure environment for file-sharing and content dissemination across entire companies without sacrificing security. With Unified Endpoint Management, this is available even for workplaces with high numbers of personal devices connected to the corporate network. Visit BlackBerry’s website for more information. 


Protection of individual machines, such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones, is one of the hardest aspects of cybersecurity; attacks can occur around the clock, and are often unrecognisable as attacks until they are already underway. Check Point’s SandBlast acts to contain malware in a virtual sandbox, and in the event of an infected machine will isolate it from the network. Post-incident management is expedited by SandBlast’s forensic recording and report analysis. Visit Check Point’s website for more information.

Crowdstrike logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Crowdstrike products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

The Crowdstrike Falcon platform combines machine learning, behaviour analytics, and constant monitoring to counter today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, alerting you to threats and providing you with both an incident timeline and real-time adversary analysis. Visit Crowdstrike’s website for more information.  


CybSafe’s “Unified Cyber Awareness Platform” instils a culture of security by providing high-quality training in cyber threat awareness and response. The majority of cyber threats rely on the human mistakes, and so are preventable through the structured education with frequently updated modules and engaging content that CybSafe can provide. For more information read our CybSafe Datasheet, or visit the CybSafe website

Cyren logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing email & website malware protection as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

To ensure up-to-date email and web security, Cyren provides cloud-hosted cybersecurity services which detect and block the newest threats based on Cyren’s global data analysis. As a cloud solution, Cyren is constantly updating the vulnerability list. It is used by google, Microsoft and other global customers. Visit Cyren’s website for more information


DarkBeam’s proprietary web scanning software helps your organisation know their exposure to cyber threats, by rapidly searching the surface, deep, and dark web. This process is incredibly fast, taking seconds to identify potential vulnerabilities to your organisation. It is presented in an easy to interpret report, with a Cyber Exposure Score (CYX) to summarise your overall risk level. Visit DarkBeam’s website for more information

Groundlabs logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Groundlabs products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Specialising in securing information, Ground Labs keeps payment, customer, and employee data safe whilst ensuring it is easily accessible where necessary. It identifies, redacts, encrypts and deletes unstructured data to help with ensuring GDPR and other compliance requirements. Visit Ground Labs’ website for more information. 

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IDECSI provides real-time monitoring of your applications such as email, and detects any malicious or irregular access; any employee can see their own security data from their computer or their smartphone, to help them take control of their own security. The software is agentless, taking only two hours to install and requiring no access to confidential data. Visit IDECSI’s website for more information. 

onelogin logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing onelogin products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

OneLogin streamlines identity and access management through a unified directory with a single sign on (SSO) system that covers workplace computers and mobile devices. This presents a simple, intuitive log-in system that reduces the need for multiple usernames and changing passwords. Visit OneLogin’s website for more information


Preventing privileged access abuse is difficult for any company- the threat of insiders leaking or stealing information can pose huge risks to the profitability or even integrity of a company. Osirium’s privileged access management software acts as a security layer between the person and the server, limiting access to only what is necessary for the person to do their job whilst never revealing credentials. Visit Osirium’s website for more information. 

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Offering a fully automated PEN testing solution, pCySyS enables you to check your cyber defences more frequently than infrequent, expensive, manual penetration testing. pCySyS is significantly more thorough than manual PEN testing, using AI and emulating the thought processes of an army of hackers. Read our pCySyS datasheet here, or visit the pCySyS website for more information

RedSeal logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing RedSeal products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

RedSeal’s network modelling creates a usable “map” of your online systems, giving you situational awareness and the ability to understand the connections between devices within your company. Understanding what you’re securing is vital in cybersecurity, and RedSeal provides a score that helps prioritise risks to your most vulnerable assets. Visit RedSeal’s website for more information. 

Trusted Knight logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Trusted Knight DoS/DDoS protection as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Trusted Knight’s Protector Air is an immediately-deployable, agentless solution that blocks malware that tries to steal user data, manipulate web sessions, and modify sensitive transactions. This is the only unified security solution that prevents cyberattacks and fraud in every digital interaction, with no adverse effects on customers due to its cloud-based nature. Visit Trusted Knight’s website for more information.

Vectra logo, partner of EnterpriseRed providing Vectra products as part of their enterprise-class, corporate cybersecurity solutions

Cognito™ from Vectra uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time attack visibility and put attack details at your fingertips to empower immediate action. It automates the hunt for cyber attackers, shows where they’re hiding and tells you what they’re doing. The highest-risk threats are instantly prioritised so security teams can respond more efficiently to stop in-progress attacks and avert data loss. Visit Vectra’s website for more information